Hydrovane Servicing & Repair

Hydrovane Servicing & Repair

Maxair specialises in the servicing and repair of Hydrovane air compressors. Our qualified engineers have years of experience in expertly resolving all major and minor problems in all Hydrovane air compressors. Hydrovane is a Gardner Denver company that offers a wide range of compressed air and gas solutions worldwide. 

Hydrovane Air Solutions

To achieve  clean, dry air, Hydrovane uses the latest rotary vane technology. In it, the air receiver, dryer and filtration system are present all in one compact unit. This saves time and cost in installation.

In this Hydrovane range, you get models from 4kW to 22kW in both fixed and regulated speeds with auto start/stop, low noise levels, dry air and filtration down to 0.01 micron. With a 10-year extended warranty that covers for up to 10 years or 48,000 operating hours, it also offers durability.

Advantages of Hydrovane Compressors

Hydrovane air compressors are designed for maximising productivity and minimising operating costs. With a Hydrovane compressor, you benefit from:

  • High quality compressed air
  • Low noise levels
  • Low energy consumption
  • Long life (up to 100,000 hours without replacement of major components)
  • Genuine, high quality parts
  • 12-month standard warranty with 10-year advance warranty

Since the 1950s when the first Hydrovane compressor was designed, the company has installed over 500,000 compressors around the world.

Hydrovane Air Compressor Series

These air compressors are reliable, powerful, versatile and cost-effective, offering high-quality compressed air. They are low-noise and can be installed right alongside your equipment. You have a variety of compressors in this series, including

HV 01-04 SeriesSmall and compact, these models are ideally suited for light industrial and workshop applications where the compressed air outlet needs to be situated close to the point of use.

Capacity: 0.12 – 0.57 m3/min. Pressure: 10 bar. Motor power: 1.1 – 4.0 kW

HR 04-07 Compressors – These rotary vane compressors are new additions to the series.

Capacity: 0.57 – 1.27 m3/min. Pressure: 7 – 10 bar. Motor power: 4.0 – 7.5 kW

HV 11-22 Series – This compressor is enclosed for quiet operation, and produces a smaller footprint. Having low noise levels, they can be conveniently located anywhere.

Capacity: 0.29 – 3.60 m3/min. Pressure: 8 – 10 bar. Motor power: 11 – 22 kW

HV 30-45 Series – This compressor also has quiet operation with low-noise levels and can conveniently sit at the point of use.

Capacity: 3.86 – 7.33 m3/min. Pressure: 8- 10 bar. Motor power: 30 – 45 kW

Servicing of Hydrovane Compressors

We offer in-depth servicing of Hydrovane air compressors of all types conducted by qualified engineers. Our servicing packages are designed to keep your compressor free from contaminants and irregularities so that it runs perfectly at all times.

Maxair servicing of Hydrovane compressors offers you these benefits:

  • Thorough servicing by skilled engineers
  • Visits at your convenience
  • 24/7 callout
  • Friendly and courteous engineers
  • Clearing of debris after servicing

Our engineers are manufacturer trained and understand the functionality and nuances of different types of Hydrovane air compressors. Due to their deep knowledge, they expertly and quickly conduct thorough servicing that results in optimal functioning of the compressor.

Repair of Hydrovane Compressors

In newer Hydrovane air compressors, we come across only minor repair work, if any. In older compressors with a lot of wear and tear, repair or replacement might be needed.

Maxair repair engineers conduct a quick diagnosis and achieve a durable repair/replacement in no time. Due to their years of experience, they are well aware of the common problems in older compressors which helps them to diagnose the problem accurately and find a solution.

Our repair services of Hydrovane air compressors include:

  • Quick, accurate diagnosis
  • Durable and fast repair
  • Manufacturer trained engineers
  • 24/7 availability
  • No-fuss, cost-effective repair

Servicing & Repair at Your Doorstep

With Maxair, you experience peace of mind, as we take care of the maintenance and repair of your air compressor and pipework. Our in-depth services include supply, installation, servicing and repair of air compressors of all makes and models. With all services under one roof, you save time and hassle in maintaining your compressor.

Maxair stands by its customers, as we continue to offer you excellence at every step. We are available 24/7 with any help you may need and you will find helpful, friendly staff at every point of contact. Whether it is our engineers who visit your facility or the support staff that answers your queries, we are always more than happy to help. With Maxair you never have to worry about compressor maintenance and repair.

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