Air Leak Detection

Compressed air is costly and any leaks in a compressed air system can cost thousands of pounds in power bills. As compressed air can contribute up to 15% of your total energy costs. Any leakage in the system must be corrected as soon as possible to avoid undue waste of resources. Maxair air leak detection ensures that your compressed air system is free from leaks so that it can run at its optimum level, thereby reducing operating costs.

Why Get an Air Leak Detection?

Air leaks are a common problem in compressed air systems, mainly due to wear and tear. However, their impact on the efficiency of your system is significant. The cost of running a system can grow substantially as the leaks increase over time. A leak, if it remains un-repaired, will continue to waste energy, thus leaving your compressor less efficient.

Air Leak Detection Survey

To discover any large or small leak in your air compressor system, we take a thorough survey of your plant. We conduct a thorough survey while your equipment is operational so that there is minimum disturbance to you. Even if your system is large, we can find any problems quickly and efficiently. Our qualified engineers and sophisticated technology helps provide accurate and quick results whatever the size of system.

During air leak detection, we determine the following:

  • The place and size of the leak
  • The impact of the leak on the system
  • The loss of energy due to the leak
  • Suggest a durable solution to the problem

After our survey, you can be confident that every single leak in your compressed air system has been identified and its impact evaluated. From the survey report, you can see for yourself the leaks, their location, size, and the waste they are causing.

Ultrasonic Leak Detection

Nowadays the saving of energy is an important topic in all areas in which compressed air systems are used. The finding and elimination of leaks in compressed air systems alone can save up to 35% of the energy costs associated with the use of a compressor. Regular ultrasonic inspections and preventative maintenance can also increase the operational reliability of equipment.

The ultrasonic leak detector preferred by Maxair is the SONAPHONE it is designed for quick and precise location of leaks in compressed air, inert gas and vacuum systems. System leaks can easily be detected. The variety of devices in the range and the extensive accessories available enable this range of devices to be used for a multitude of various applications. With the help of the ultrasound testing device SONAPHONE, it is easy to pinpoint leaks.

To find leaks over long distances, the parabolic dish SONOSPOT is able to locate leaks up to a range of 20m.
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Optimum Efficiency, Lower Cost

An air compressor system is after all, a machine, vulnerable to the elements. However, timely action by you can help to run the system at its optimum level, saving you thousands of pounds in operational costs. It is advisable to get regular air energy audits, leak detection surveys and servicing that is affordable and helps you to save a substantial amount in bills.

At Maxair, we provide cost-effective solutions to air compressor problems, helping you to cut down downtime and increase efficiency of your air compressor system. Our experienced engineers carry out the air leak detection expertly, surveying each area of your compressor meticulously to discover every single leak, however big or small. You will also receive a comprehensive report of each leak, helping you to make your system work at its optimum level again. Ultimately, you pay much less in power bills and your air consumption is reduced substantially.

Why Maxair?

We have seen a lot about air compressors, their installation, repair and service since more than 100 years of our presence in this industry. We have conducted thousands and thousands of air leak detections in plants and air compressor systems of all sizes and designs. From this experience, we have gained an insight into how to conduct a professional air leak detection survey, what to measure, and how. With this experience and training we can help relieve our customers from air leak problems in the future.

Maxair is a trusted name in the air compressor industry with years of experience in the supply and service of compressed air systems. We operate in both the midlands, traditional heartland and in Maidenhead. If you are experiencing air leaks in your air compressor system, you are welcome to seek our services in air leak detection or inquire further about how we can serve you. Please call us on 01926 864447, email us at, or contact us using the contact form on our Contact Us page.