FORMULA 30*-75kW: Powerful Compact Generation

For every business need there is a FORMULA. Which one is yours?

Compact Power is key!

ABAC presents the new Formula 30*-75kW range to offer you the ideal combination of compactness and performance. In this range the choice is easy.

Key Benefits

  • Space efficiency with surfaces of 1,2m² and 1,8m². You will receive very high output in very limited space needed.
  • Easy and effortless maintenance with long service intervals smart maintenance kits and quick access to belts, filters & dryer.
  • User-friendliness with full control and functionality just behind a few clicks thanks to the intuitive smart controller.
  • You get exactly what you need with the Formula 30*-75kW machine design consisting of minimum amount of parts: less risks, less maintenance, easier problem analysis
  • The new generation air ends guarantees efficiency, more robustness and extreme reliability.
  • Powerful cooling for a powerful compressor: the fan and coolers deliver efficient cooling as well under the most demanding conditions.
  • Easy handling with 3 access points
  • The robust Formula 30*-75 is designed for rough industrial conditions.

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