Pipework Installation

Maxair works with you to install and maintain entire pipework systems as well as single air drop or pipework extensions for a multitude of air compressors. Our installation engineers are qualified and have years of experience in perfectly installing pipework systems for all brands and makes of low, medium and high pressure compressed air systems.

With a combined experience in the industry of over 100 years, Maxair has conducted numerous pipework installations across the UK. Our team of engineers are manufacturer trained and have a deep knowledge of the functionality of pipework systems.AIRnet Black Series installation

They work with a range of materials, including aluminium pipework, copper, galvanised pipes, black piping, stainless steel, and plastic.

If you are unsure on which pipework will work best for your air compressor, our engineers can help you to choose the most appropriate and durable pipework for maximum durability and productivity

Complete Air Compressor Pipework Installation

We have in-house installation engineers that provide perfect, hassle-free installations of entire pipework systems. Along with installation, we also provide ongoing maintenance so that you continue to enjoy an optimised service from your air compressor.

Our complete installation includes:

  • High quality pipework
  • Perfect installation
  • Monitoring of the quality of compressed air
  • Checking all controls
  • Quick and clean installation


A major concern when installing air compressor pipework is safety. Incorrectly installed pipework even if made from a sturdy material like aluminium can cause damage to the machine and accidents. For example, safety valves need to be installed correctly and at exact locations on the pipework. Incorrectly installed valves can cause leaks, leading to energy wastage.

According to the HSE, piping and associated fittings connected between the compressor and air receiver should be easy to clean. If carbon deposits build up in such pipework, there may be an explosion.

The perfect installation of pipework makes maintenance easy and substantially reduces the possibility of downtime. Our trained engineers are skilled in installing different kinds of pipework systems precisely, meeting all safety requirements. We follow comprehensive safety guidelines regarding installation and maintenance of air compressor pipework so that you remain safe at all times.

Maxair has been in this industry for decades and have the required expertise to get it perfect every time.

HSE Safety Guidelines

To install air compressor pipework correctly, many guidelines need to be followed for safe installation which is why HSE provides guidelines that are sufficient to comply with the law. Maxair ensures your safety and the correct installation of your air compressor and pipework systems by following these strict safety procedures.

With Maxair pipework installation, you benefit from:

  • Complete, safe installation
  • Manufacturer trained engineers
  • Quick and quiet service
  • 24/7 availability

Our work does not stop at the perfect installation. As some grades of plastic are not recommended for use in air compressor installations, we advise our customers about which grade and type of pipework will work best with their particular air compressor. It is advisable to seek help from an expert before buying new pipework or extending the existing one.

Regular Inspection & Maintenance

Similar to an air compressor, pipework also needs regular maintenance. Frequent servicing of pipework prevents leaks, corrosion and wastage, maintains minimum energy consumption and increases the life span of the pipework. We conduct in-depth servicing of pipework where all the parts of the pipework are serviced and thoroughly checked.

Even after pipework is perfectly installed it has the potential of causing damage if it is not serviced and checked regularly. Oil deposits are liable to occur with time and other contaminants may affect the overall productivity of the pipework.

The HSE says that inspection and cleaning is required for air compressor pipework either twice a year, or every 2000 hours.

  • Six-monthly servicing: Carrying out six-monthly inspections and cleaning of the delivery ports and pipework can reduce explosion risk.
  • 2000 hour servicing: Alternatively, inspection and cleaning can also be done after each 2000 hours of running or annually, whichever is sooner.

The HSE also says that, “In the case of oil lubricated compressors, the delivery valves, ports and all the pipework between the delivery port and the point in the system at which the air temperature can be confidently expected to be below 80°C, should be inspected. Any carbonaceous deposits should be effectively removed.”

Our engineers have been maintaining air compressors and pipework for decades, and are aware of every regulation regarding the proper maintenance of pipework. The expertise of our engineers ensures that your air compressor pipework operates safely and efficiently at all times.

TESEO Compressed Air Pipework

Maxair engineers are fully trained to install TESEO modular aluminium compressed air pipework systems that are cost effective, durable and deliver an energy efficient air solution. TESEO is a reputed name offering high quality aluminium pipework that is effective up to 15 bars. The modular design of TESEO pipework also makes them quick to install.

We supply, install, repair and service TESEO modular aluminium compressed air systems and TESEO pipework. We trust TESEO pipe systems because they are designed for the optimisation of compressed air systems, are easy to install as well as providing high performance and value.

Over the years, we have installed a number of TESEO pipework systems across the UK. Our customers benefit from expert, no-fuss installation that is completed quickly. We stand by our customers and are there to offer any assistance that they may need after the installation.

AIRnet Compressed Air Pipework

AIRnet pipework is built for the operational excellence of compressed air units, vacuum, and other inert gas applications. It is available in aluminium and stainless steel.

AIRnet aluminium pipework is fast and easy to install as well as being leak proof. Being made from high quality aluminium, it is reliable and comes with a 10-year warranty for pipes and fittings. You get a completely leak-free environment, as AIRnet pipework is not only leak proof but corrosion free.

AIRnet piping systems offers 100% oil free air from generation to point of use. It also minimises the total cost of ownership through its carefully designed structure, materials, easy installation and low maintenance costs.

Flexible, AIRnet pipework systems can be modified or extended easily at anytime. If your present pipework is insufficient for your needs, we can connect an AIRnet pipework system to your existing setup in no time.

Our Installation of TESEO & AIRnet Pipework

Our manufacturer trained engineers have immense experience in installing new pipework as well as modifying or expanding existing ones. When installed correctly, the pipework assists the air compressor in maintaining high performance, minimising problems, and continues to give optimal service for years with regular maintenance.

The experience of our engineers allows them to install new compressor pipework systems in no time. Our engineers ensure to always work quietly and quickly.

With Maxair installation, you receive:

  • Expert, safe installation
  • In-depth checks
  • Fast, hassle-free installation
  • Polite and courteous professionals
  • Visits to suit your schedule
  • 24/7 callout

Your convenience and comfort is our priority, and we make every effort to make the installation quick and hassle-free.

Other Services

Along with air compressor pipework installations, we also supply, install, repair and service air compressors of all brands and models. An active participant in the compressed air industry for decades, Maxair offers expert installation services to meet any compressed air needs.

We have in-house trained engineers and a qualified management team that makes sure that your air compressor needs are met quickly and to your satisfaction. We are available 24/7 for any emergencies regarding air compressors and pipework.

Our services aim to exceed customer expectations, especially our pipework services which are designed to give you maximum value at every point of contact. You experience peace of mind while we achieve a perfect solution for you, whatever your needs be.

Maintenance and Repair Solutions

The quality of engineers directly impacts the quality of repair and servicing. Our trained engineers have a deep knowledge of air compressors and years of experience being hands on, which makes allows them to quickly detect problems and resolve them there and then.

Air compressors and pipework systems need regular maintenance and may develop problems over time just from general wear and tear. To avoid problems such as downtime and reduced efficiency, it is vital to conduct routine inspections. Any problems, minor or major are removed during regular servicing to retain the good health of the system.

Our maintenance of air compressors and pipework includes:

  • Complete, thorough inspection
  • Comprehensive servicing
  • Detection and removal of leaks, contaminants, damages
  • Monitoring of air quality
  • 24/7 support

We understand that you need to concentrate on growing your business instead of maintaining machinery. Our flexible, no-fuss service allows you to do just that. You are free from the bother of getting your air compressor and pipework maintained or repaired, as we take care of everything from frequent maintenance to the occasional repair.

Benefits You Receive

With Maxair you benefit from:

  • Manufacturer-trained reliable engineers
  • Professional, no-fuss service at your convenience
  • 24/7 callout support
  • Complete service with debris cleaning
  • Cost effective solutions

All Under One Roof

By using Maxair you are able to get air compressor services such as the supply, installation, repair and servicing of air compressors all under one roof. For one-time services such as supply, installation and repair, we are available 24/7, 365 days of a year to give you quick, no-fuss service. In case of emergencies such as breakdown, we are always prompt to respond and solve the problem.

With all services under one roof, you are free from worry regarding the health and performance of your air compressor and pipework as we are experienced in every area. Enjoy uninterrupted, quality compressed air every day with Maxair’s superior no-fuss service that leaves you with peace of mind.

Our Customer Care Policy

We value our customers highly. The trust of our customers has helped us to grow from day one and that is why our customer care policy is at the forefront of our company, offering you maximum value at every point of contact.

Whatever your compressed air requirements are, we’re available 24/7 to help. Our friendly support staff, qualified engineers and company procedures offer a high quality service, completed quickly and with as little hassle as possible.

Experience quality customer care with Maxair, as we work to make this one part of your business easy for you.


Maxair is a trusted name with a combined experience of over 100 years in the compressed air industry. Each day, our goal is to provide you with quality services at a reasonable price. Our commitment to this goal has helped us to develop thousands of loyal customers who trust us with their compressed air needs time and time again.

The dedication to our customers is seen in the high quality materials, workmanship and customer care we provide. For a quick and perfect installation of air compressor pipework systems or any of our other services, please feel free to call Maxair on 01926 864447, email us at info@maxair.co.uk, or contact us using the contact form on our Contact Us page.