ABAC Piston Compressors – Line Series

For easy reliability combined with standard quality comfort. A match for all needs, no matter if direct drive (oilless and with oil) or one stage belt drive.

O15 Range – Oilless Direct Driven Compressors

  • The O15 range offers great solutions for performing smaller compressed air applications in and around the house.

    Blowing dust away, inflating bicycle tyres and handyman applications like nailing or stapling can all be done easily with this range of small, light and compact compressors.

L20 Range – Oil Lubricated Direct Driven Compressors

  • Performing small tasks has never been this simple and easy using the L20 range of compressors.

    Great technology and simple operation suitable for a large range of applications, from nailing over stapling, to blowing and inflating.

A29 Range – One Stage Belt Driven Compressors

  • Great belt driven technology developed for simple but reliable operation.

    Your workshop deserves professional equipment. These compressors are suitable for many short to more demanding tasks ranging from ratcheting to small hammering, and from painting to wrenching.

A39 Range – One Stage Belt Driven Compressors

  • The A39 takes you one step further, with more power and more air.

    If you are performing tasks which require more air delivery, the A39 compressors are a good match. They are user-friendly and simple to operate, and amongst other tasks, they can be used for impact wrenching, and more intensive hammering.

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