ABAC Piston Compressors – PRO Series

For advanced user-friendliness and maximum performance and comfort. These ranges suit all possible professional applications, starting with direct driven compressors going up to two stage units with tankmounted dryers.

O20P Range – Oilless Direct Driven Compressor

  • Performant and oilless, the O20P range combines more power with more features.

    The powerful oilless direct driven compressors are a good match for more intensive DIY and semi-professional applications. The focus has been put on user-friendly designs and reliable and strong, but easy to move configurations.

L25P – L30P Range – Oil Lubricated Direct Driven Compressors

  • Professional and compact performance with extra user-friendly benefits.

    This range of compressors has robust and strong direct driven pumps for more intensive use, and they have extra benefits to improve the user comfort. Typical applications include inflating, blowing, nailing and washing.

Special Configurations – Oilless and lubricated direct driven compressors

  • More specific needs require more specific configurations.

    This range of configurations has been created for those looking for more protection with roll bars, and more comfort and space saving with vertical handles.

High Performance V-Range – Oil Lubricated Direct Driven Compressors

  • Most performant compressors in the direct driven portfolio.

    This compressor range stands for compact performance. The compressors are designed for intensive use and come in special configurations to bring extra user comfort in special circumstances. The twin tank for example brings more stability to move around on difficult terrains.

A29B PRO Range – One Stage Belt Driven Compressors

  • The A29B PRO range offers more user friendliness and lower operating temperatures.

    This is achieved all thanks to the several special product features focusing on the user comfort. They are a great match for more value seeking customers using their compressor for grinding and small hammering operations, but also ratcheting and wrenching.

A39B PRO Range – One Stage Belt Driven Compressors

  • Reliable power and performance in combination with user friendly features.

    The PRO A39B range performs more heavy tasks but still offers you great flexibility and ease of operations. The features bring extra value to how you can use your compressor for tasks such as hammering, sanding, professional painting and hammering.

PRO B4900-7000 – Two Stage Belt Driven Compressors

  • A double compression providing bigger flows and higher pressure.

    In two stage compressors, the air is compressed two times. The ABAC range has highly reliable components and is seen as proven technology. Furthermore, the durability is combined with the user comfort you can expect from this type of high level performance. As the compressors are providing bigger airflows and they are achieving higher operating pressures, it makes them suitable for most professional and semi-industrial applications such as grinding, wrenching, professional painting, sanding and much more.

PRO Slow Speed – Two Stage Belt Driven Compressors

  • Standard running 2 stage belt driven compressors running at lower speed.

    Lower speed stands for more user comfort and more durability. The noise levels are lower than on the equivalent standard speed units, and lower temperatures are created. This reduces the wear and increases the realibility. Thanks to these caracteristics, these compressors are extremely suitable for more frequent and heavy duty applications in medium and large workshops.

Full Feature Open – Two Stage Compressors With Tankmounted Dryer

  • An all-in-one range of 4 to 10hp professional piston compressors.

    These units are perfectly suitable for all professional service and repair installations in applications going from painting and body work to general torquing or wrenching. They can be used where dry air is important, but also by users looking for improved corrosion prevention of their air system and equipment.

Vertical PRO – One and Two Stage Belt Driven Compressors

  • Vertical air receiver compressors provide a space saving solution in the workshop.

    Space saving is the big advantage for this range of compressors. They are coming with the well known high performing pumps, but can more easily be installed in small workshops. A great solution for applications in car and tire repair.

PRO High Flow BV – Two Stage Belt Driven Compressors

  • High performance four cylinder V pump power.

    This extremely powerful compressor has been created for the biggest air demands. Both 15 and 20 hp variants have strong metal beltguards, and all pump components are selected with the greatest care for optimal performance.

PRO High Flow Tandem – Two Stage Twin Pump Belt Driven Compressors

  • Never without compressed air.

    The tandem ranges allows users to have a modular solution but starting one or both pumps. This gives you more flexibility in case of a fluctuating demand, or it can be seen as a back up solution when maintenance is required on either one of the two pumps.

15 bar PRO Range – Two Stage High Pressure Belt Driven Compressors

  • Suitable for high pressure applications.

    When the standard pressure is not sufficient, in most cases the 15 bar will bring your the solution. This range comes with specially approved high pressure components such as the vessel to guarantee safe and efficient use.

PRO Cast-iron – Two Stage Belt Driven Compressors

  • Top quality compressors with fully cast iron pumps, low noise and long lifetime for heavy duty applications.

    Piston compressors with fully cast iron blocks: a reliable and robust range, built with top quality components. The pumps are running at low speed, to guarantee lower noise levels and extended lifetimes, but they still guarantee a great performance, and they are perfectly suitable for the more demanding and intensive applications.

Baseplate Compressors – Two Stage Belt Driven Compressors Baseplate

  • Small and compact.

    This range has been designed and released for those having less space or building their own installation with a separate air vessel. All baseplates are equipped with the well known pumps and high performance motors to suit many different applications..


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