ABAC Piston Compressors – Silent Series

Two silent products offering the highest level of operational comfort with a strong focus on noise reductions.
This range suits all possible professional applications, starting with direct driven compressors going up to two stage units with tankmounted dryers.

S A29B & S A39B – Silenced One Stage Belt Driven Compressors

  • Bring the compressor close to your application, and enjoy reduced noise and increased user comfort.

    This range of products has a strong focus on combination of noise reduction and moveability. All benefits of the performant PRO range are combined with extra comfort. These compressors are suitable to be used in many different applications such as sanding, painting and impact wrenching.

S B4900, B5900B & B6000 – Silenced Two Stage Belt Driven Compressors

  • Performant and nicely designed silencing hood to reduce the noise and increase the user comfort.

    This range of two stage belt driven compressors is well protected by a silencing cover. This cover reduces the noise to create a more comfortable work environment for the operator, and ensures higher levels of protection and safety. The pumps are all well established and have proven designs but the silencing cover makes these compressors unique and innovative.

Tankmounted SLN Silent – Silent Two Stage Belt Driven Compressors

  • Silent metal canopy range combining great value with high performant slow speed pumps.

    The SLN silent two stage pumps run at a lower speed and include a new and innovative metal canopy design to offer high performance with ultimate comfort and low noise levels.
    The SLN is available in 11 and 15 bar with horizontal and vertical vessel configurations.

Basemounted Full Silent – Silent One And Two Stage Belt Driven Compressors

  • Maximum noise reduction in combination with easy and straightforward use.

    This range combines the best possible noise reduction with a high level of user-friendly operation. Our basemounted offer goes from small 2hp canopy designs to large and very powerful 10hp configurations.

Tankmounted Full Silent – Silent Two Stage Belt Driven Compressors

  • High duty two stage piston compressors for every workshop.

    The range of silent two stage piston compressors with metal hood comes are all tankmounted in different configurations going from 4 till 10hp. They all have the common benefit of top noise reduction and user friendly operation thanks to clear control panels and easy open and closing for maintenance. Top of the bill is the full feature silent machine with a tankmounted dryer. A full ‘all in one’ design.


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