Air Compressor Servicing

With over a combined experience of 100 years in the compressed air industry, we offer comprehensive quality servicing that keeps your compressor running at its best. Our qualified engineers have received training directly from the manufacturer. Combine that with years of experience and you have specialists with knowledge of every detail and intricacy of an air compressor, resulting in quick and flawless servicing. 

We offer quality servicing for air compressors of all makes and types so that you experience peace of mind while we ensure that your compressor is in its best health. Our service packages are designed to suit the specific maintenance needs of the type of compressor you own.

Our Air Compressor Servicing

Being specialised machinery, timely servicing is a vital part in maintaining the health of an air compressor. Regular maintenance substantially reduces problems such as downtime and helps the compressor to run optimally every hour, every day. Maxair offers expert servicing on air compressors of all brands and models.

Some of the advantages of choosing Maxair air compressor servicing include:

  • Manufacturer trained engineers
  • 24/7 support
  • Qualified to work on all makes & models
  • Carry spare parts for quick servicing
  • Friendly and polite engineers

Through our comprehensive servicing, we ensure that the compressor continues to function smoothly and optimally, minimising the cost of ownership.

Maxair’s Air Compressor Servicing Engineers

We take pride in having the best air compressor engineers that are manufacturer trained and have decades of experience in maintaining and repairing air compressors of different makes. Along with offering you complete servicing, we also ensure that you experience as little disturbance as possible while we are at work. Our policy towards full customer satisfaction also includes removing all waste and debris before we leave your premises.

Being in the industry for decades, we understand how bothersome it is to get business machinery serviced time and again. We ease the process of servicing so much that you don’t worry at all about an upcoming servicing. Our servicing engineers work so efficiently and silently that before you know it, the servicing has been completed. Our hassle-free servicing experience will not make you dread another compressor servicing.

Air Compressors We Service

Offering you the comfort of getting servicing for all kinds of air compressors done under one roof, we offer servicing of these brands of air compressors:

  • ABAC
  • Atlas Copco
  • HPC
  • ALUP
  • ALMiG
  • Gardner Denver
  • Hydrovane

For uninterrupted optimal productivity of a compressor, our trusted engineers carry out servicing at timely intervals usually every six-months, a year or every 2000 hours. To know the servicing cycle of your particular air compressor, you are free to call or write to us. Our support staff will be glad to help you with your query.

Regular Servicing

Machines that work everyday for long hours usually require regular maintenance to maintain their efficiently and productivity. For many companies, an air compressor is a vital machinery that they heavily depend on. Even a minor problem in the system such as the presence of contaminants like oil and moisture or leaks may cause deterioration in the air quality, delays and wastage.

Fortunately, regular servicing of air compressors drastically brings down the occurrence of such problems and provides high quality compressed air continuously day after day. Our regular maintenance leaves you with peace of mind regarding the health of your air compressor where we minimise the total cost of ownership by reducing downtime and wastage.  

Benefits of Maxair Air Compressor Servicing

Benefit from these advantages of using Maxair air compressor servicing:

  • Unmatchable quality of servicing
  • Polite & friendly engineers
  • Quick, hassle-free servicing
  • In-depth check-up
  • Monitoring of compressed air quality
  • 24/7 callout

Maxair understands that repairing an air compressor needs to be done quickly and efficiently, and with least disturbance to your routine. To achieve a quality service fast, we rely upon our highly qualified engineers and management staff. Since we have extensive experience and expertise in the compressed air industry, we achieve high quality servicing every time.

Customer Support – Our Priority

With a combined experience of over 100 years, we understand the importance of customer satisfaction meaning our customer policy has remained customer-centric. Our customers are the backbone of Maxair and our policy towards them stands on dedication, integrity and transparency. We offer 100% customer support, offering you excellent service across the all areas of air compressors and pipework.

With Maxair you receive 24/7 support, 365 days a year with immediate availability in case of emergencies such as breakdown. You’ll always experience friendly and polite interactions with our support staff and engineers, and quick, no-fuss service at affordable costs.

Servicing and Repair

Many times in older compressors it happens that when we are servicing the compressor and we detect problems that require repair work. In such a case, you are informed of the problem and repair work needed to resolve it. We carry usual spare parts to immediately rectify the problem, which save you time and the bother of another visit. For special, unusual spares, we source them in no time to get your machines back up and running.

With regular maintenance, an air compressor functions optimally and does not require repair. It’s only after long use that wear and tear may cause problems that need correction. For that, we are fully equipped to handle any big or small repair work.

Servicing and More – All Under One Roof

Whether you have an air compressor supplied by us or not, we welcome you to try our maintenance and repair services for a stress-free, quality solution. In case of purchasing a new air compressor, we offer complete services including:

  • Supply
  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Servicing

With Maxair attending to the health of your compressor, you experience peace of mind. Our maintenance ritual also involves a thorough check to read potential problems. This is done to prevent downtime and low-productivity that causes inferior quality compressed air. You don’t need to call multiple services for different compressed air needs. Affordable and efficient, at Maxair, everything you need is under one roof.

Thorough Inspection

There are many parts of a compressor and pipework such as valves and filters that need to be checked routinely. Our maintenance engineers conduct a thorough check of the entire system, including system parts and pipework.

Even when the compressed air system is running perfectly, but a pipeline is leaking, it causes a drop in compressed air quality and hike in energy consumption. Such problems are checked during regular servicing and appropriate corrective measures are taken immediately.

Compressed Air System Parts

We keep in-stock all compressed air system parts and fittings that normally need replacement at some point or another. That helps us to quickly prevent or resolve common air compressor problems. Regular maintenance allows us to know the level of wear and tear in the system, and check if any abnormalities are present. That allows prevention of problems and loss of productivity in the future.

Maxair’s air compressor parts are 100% genuine, fitted perfectly by qualified service engineers. Genuine parts and spares from top manufacturers such as Boge, Atlas Copco, HPC, ABAC and others are used for repair/replacement. You get comprehensive warranty provided by the manufacturer.

There is a large range of air compressor parts in our warehouse such as valves, pipework, fittings, connectors, etc. so that you get the quickest service possible. Our engineers carry all necessary tools and compressor parts with them to achieve a quick repair/replacement when they see the need.

24 Hour Air Compressor Breakdown Support

Normally with regular maintenance, a compressor does not face a breakdown. But since everything in life cannot be predicted, an air compressor might face a breakdown in spite of all efforts. For such an emergency, we have 24/7 air compressor breakdown support where our engineers visit your facility and correct the problem as soon as possible.

If replacement or repair of system parts is needed, we have in-house all common parts and accessories for a quick replacement/repair. Whatever caused the breakdown in the system is diagnosed immediately by our trained engineers and the problem is resolved soon.

Our 24-hour breakdown support includes:

  • Guaranteed timely assistance
  • Expert experience from trained engineers
  • Genuine parts and accessories
  • Quiet, no-fuss correction

Instant Solution to Compressor Problems

Benefit from our instant solution to any minor or major air compressor problems. Our qualified in-house engineers service air compressors to your full satisfaction. We are proud to have in our team highly qualified and skilled engineers who prevent problems from happening in the first place and if they do, we offer instant repair solutions that stand the test of time.

Our service engineers have performed servicing on innumerable compressors across the UK. For decades we have been providing instant and time-tested solutions to our customers, so that they keep their business running optimally without compressor breakdowns or downtime.

Our Promise

Since we believe in complete transparency, our customers are always kept aware of the cost of the work, our visit and simply anything else that they would like to know about our work. Our engineers are courteous and polite, and follow our company policy regarding highest level of customer service. You’ll find the Maxair experience most fulfilling, cost effective and stress-free. This is our promise to you.


Maxair is a reputed name with over 100 years of combined experience in the compressed air industry. We specialise in the supply, installation, maintenance and repair of air compressors and pipework. Our services span across the UK, and provides customers with complete support in all and any air compressor needs.

Housing a qualified team of engineers and management professionals, we continue to offer continued excellence time and time again to our customers. With us, you experience peace of mind while we offer you quality service at every point of contact. For quality servicing of air compressor, please call Maxair on 01926 864447, email us at, or contact us using the contact form on our Contact Us page.