Air Compressor Installation

Installing an air compressor involves setting up the piping network and fittings along with the compressor. If it’s the first-time you are getting an air compressor installed, correctly installing the equipment is most important for increased efficiency and minimum downtime. It reduces the risk of leakage, and wear and tear that poorly installed compressors usually cause. Maxair specialises in air compressor installation, repair and servicing, providing you with excellent installation that gives you optimum air quality while preventing any downtime that may occur.

We Use AIRnet for Superior Installation of Air Compressors

For over 100 years since we have been in this industry, it has been our constant effort to provide you with the best quality service. A part of it involves the installation of the AIRnet piping system to run alongside your air compressor.

AIRnet is a compressed air piping system that delivers quality air at all times, from the compressor to the point of use. AIRnet reduces friction and minimises pressure drop to reduce the overall cost of your piping system. It uses lightweight materials and smart design to make installation 70% faster than conventional systems.

The use of AIRnet in the air compressor installation work we do provides you with these benefits:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Minimum downtime
  • Optimum air quality
  • Energy-saving

The components of AIRnet are designed for reuse so that you do not need to invest more and more in your compressor over time. Depending upon the compressor, we use appropriate pipes, fittings and accessories that optimise the efficiency of your system. Our use of AIRnet has given us tremendous results over the years, helping us to keep up our motto of excellence in service. Click here to find out more about the AIRnet system. If you would like to know more about installing AIRnet yourself, please click here.

Qualified Air Compressor Engineers for Installation

Since the quality of our work depends upon the excellence of our engineers, we have qualified manufacturer-trained engineers with years of experience in installing, repairing and servicing compressors of all kinds. Our engineers have a vast knowledge about the installation of air compressors, their parts, fittings and accessories, which helps them install all kinds of compressors with ease.

After the installation, we offer support and advice to make sure your air compressor will perform in the long run. For decades in this industry we have always striven for perfection and we ensure that our qualified engineers will give you a faultless installation time and time again.

After Installation of your Air Compressor

Since all machinery needs maintenance and repair some time or the other due to wear and tear, we also offer our customers aftercare service packages. Each package is bespoke and offers you an affordable, no-fuss service that lets you enjoy uninterrupted supply of quality air without downtime.

During installation, we ensure that any potential problems that may occur with the compressor are pointed out to the customer. We are aware of the problems in compressors that are caused by faulty installation. We have also resolved innumerable repair issues caused due to wear and tear. This experience helps us to understand the problems even before they occur and prevent them during the installation itself. That helps you to minimise your expenses in repair, have the compressor work at its optimum level, and get quality compressed air at all times.

Maxair is trusted for its commitment to quality. Whether it is air compressor installation, repair, service or any other of our services, you receive excellence every time. We operate in both the midlands, traditional heartland and in Maidenhead, offering you the best installation and care for your compressor. If you need us for the installation of your air compressor, please call us on 01926 864447, email us at, or contact us using the contact form on our Contact Us page.