ABAC Piston Compressors – engineAIR and BIengineAIR

The freedom to do what you want, when you want, wherever you want.
To be independent under all circumstances. Who wouldn’t like that?

You’ll be excited about this: a range of unplugged diesel and petrol engine belt driven compressors that are easy to move, that can cope with different air demands, that can power multiple tools at the same time and simultaneously provide a steady air flow; the BIengineAIR range comprises a two-in-one solution that can provide you with both air and electricity in remote locations. As a small building contractor or a larger construction company, if you are in harvesting business or a farmer; this is your tool.

With these versatile engine compressors you are totally independent from energy sources, giving you total availability of compressed air in all circumstances. Giving you total freedom.

Mobile petrol driven engineAIR compressors

  • These compressors are designed and manufactured in the ABAC factory according to international quality standards.
    All units come with big handles and large pneumatic wheels to guarantee easy handling. On top of that , we have chosen Honda petrol engines that are known for their high levels of reliability and exceptional sound levels. This ensures the performance of our compressors and optimum comfort when in use.
    Multiple outlets and a wide range of single and twin tank configurations bring a solution to each demand.

Stationary petrol and diesel engineAIR compressors

  • The compact vessels are designed for easy handling. Thanks to the size, you can optimize the available space (e.g. commercial vehicles).
    Electrical starters and reduced noise thanks to the vibration pads, bring extra user comfort on both petrol and diesel variants.

The two-in-one solution: BI engineAIR

The BI engineAIR concept brings together a compressor and a generator in one single stand-alone device. It saves space and reduces operating costs considerably. It is particularly well suited for use on board mobile workshop trucks.

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