ABAC original parts

Be informed about protecting your compressor, while maximizing your savings and increasing reliable operation.

ABAC parts are manufactured to meet the same standards as your compressor.
They have passed the same endurance tests and have been proven to provide
the best protection of your investment. Correct specifications and right quality
provide problem free maintenance.

Compressor Lubricants

There is no better way to protect your investment than to use genuine lubricants.

Service kits

Dedicated service kits are available to match your compressors’ condition.

Line filters

ABAC offers a wide range of high quality line filter elements for all your filtration needs in different filtrations grade according your application.

Compressor Suction Filtration

Compressor rotors and piston rings operate with minimal clearances, guaranteeing high performance.

Compressor Oil Filtration

Performance of the compressor can be hampered due to dust and dirt contaminating the compressor

Compressor Oil Separation

Only genuine ABAC replacement oil separator elements can offer extremely low oil carryover.

Exchange Element

Each compressor is built-in with a precision-made screw air end engineered and manufactured by ABAC.


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