ALUP Screw Compressors

The complete range of highly efficient screw compressors

A complete range of industrial solutions for compressed air with lowest TCO
ALUP offers you a complete range of screw compressors; there is always one that can be applied to your specific industrial needs. Our screw compressors are designed according to the latest demands for reliability, energy efficiency and ease of use

Quality and durability

With their highly efficient rotary screw assembly combined with a high-performance V drive belt, these rotary screw compressors set new standards in their power class with regards to quality and durability, as well as user comfort and service lifespan

Cost efficiency

ALUP screw compressors are a cost efficient solution: they are easy and compact to install with no additional costs. The compressors are easy to manage and have low maintenance costs

Complete solution

ALUP rotary screw compressors are available in a variety of setups; either floor or tank mounted, with or without integrated dryer. This means you will have a complete solution for your compressor air with minimal space

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