TESEO – (HBS) Hollow Bar System

Constructed from rigid aluminium extrusion, HBS is a modular pipework system for the delivery transfer of compressed air, vacuum, inert gases and oils; suitable for use in small workshops right up to large industrial facilities.


  • High Performance – Smooth internal bore allows higher flow rates and lower pressure drop.
  • Easy Installation – Lighter and easier to manage compared to traditional steel systems. Push to fit – does not require welding threading or painting.
  • Modify under Pressure – “Hot Tap” live to create new points of use-eliminating production down time to your business
  • Zero Leaks – Unique Dual “O” ring sealing system eliminates air leaks.

Energy efficiencies and cost savings compared to traditional galvanised systems are made from day one.
Available from sizes 25mm-32-50-63-80mm and 110mm i.d. – rated up to 15bar.
All Teseo products come with a 20 year warranty, against any damages resulting from material defect the longest in its sector.

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