Air Energy Audit

For compressed air to be of optimum quality while consuming minimum power, your compressor needs to run perfectly. Sometimes, even a minor problem can cause a compressor to consume more energy than required. This leads to higher power bills and increases the total expense of running your compressed air system. Maxair runs a highly specific air energy audit to locate any problems that are causing loss of energy in your system. We use state-of-the-art equipment that can accurately detect any leakage of air or pressure drops, as well as giving you an accurate audit of your energy usage and compressor utilisation.

ITRACK Air Energy Audit

We are proud to be part of the ALUP ENERGY EXPERT PARTNERSHIP.  We are designing the most energy efficient Compressed Air systems to make a real difference to the businesses of our customers.  The ALUP APPROVED ENERGY EXPERT status is awarded to distributors who are at the forefront of the Compressed Air Industry.  Our expertise, training and support facilities have been thoroughly developed and tested to ensure they meet ALUP’s and ABAC’s demanding standards.

Delivering Real Energy Saving Solutions

  • Continous training and monitoring to ensure our customers benefit from reliable and qualified service.
  • We are equipped with the latest monitoring equipment, making sure we understand and monitor our customers needs accurately and dependably.
  • We are qualified in all areas of Compressed Air technology, allowing our customers maximum energy savings from every component within your Compressed Air System.
  • Advanced Technology, the result of our expertise and ABAC’s continous development means our equipment offers class leading performance, efficiency and reliability
  • The unique partnership between ourselves, ABAC and our customers means we take responsibility for your systems and as your requirements change we are on hand to develop solutions to make a real difference to your business.

Advanced Energy Audits

To make your Compressed Air Installation more efficient we need to study how it is running. With iTrak energy auditing equipment we have the ability to both monitor and record your Compressor behaviour.

Using the modern data card recording technology there are no limits for recording multiple machines in different areas of your premises. A full energy report is generated, highlighting how much compressed air is being used, where it is being used and more importantly how much this compressed air is costing you. In receipt of the ENERGY AUDIT REPORT we can simulate the best compressor(s) for your application, maximising your potential savings.

Why Get an Audit?

The quick answer to this is that an audit can save you thousands of pounds in operating expenses. The cost of running an imperfect system is high and constant. With every hour of running the air compressor, you are paying extra cost for nothing. That is where audit helps.

Air energy audit minutely checks your compressor’s air demand, leakages, pressure drops and performance. It provides live data over long periods of time so that a consistent report of the performance can be obtained. Usually, the audit is conducted for 7 days to get an accurate report.

After getting the report, you can see for yourself how your air compressor is performing, what problems it has, and how much loss it is causing you due to faulty functioning.

Our Process of Air Energy Audit

At Maxair, we focus on the quality of our services and thus make every effort to provide you with excellence from the start to the finish. Our process of audit follows our commitment to quality.

Our process of air energy audit includes:

  • Pressure mapping for discovering pressure drops
  • Finding leakages
  • Air quality check
  • Efficiency and performance

By achieving measurable results, you can see the overall performance level of your compressor. We can also show you the faults that are causing it to under-perform. This report helps to keep the compressor running at its optimum level at all times resulting in a significant saving of energy and money.

Qualified Engineers

Along with specialised equipment, a successful audit also requires human skill. Our engineers have years of experience in conducting air energy audits on a variety of compressors of different makes and capacities. They have comprehensive knowledge of air compressors, which allows them to detect problems in a system accurately. Since they also undertake installation, repair and service of air compressors, they understand the intricacies of the system and can explain to you the problems in your system that is making it perform below par and causing it to use more energy than required.

With the least inconvenience to you, our qualified engineers carry out every audit expertly, auditing every potential part of your compressor that causes energy loss and under-performance. The audit reveals the problems and their extent in detail, helping you to fix the problems and save thousands in power bills in the future.

If your power bills are higher than usual, it is an indication that all is not well with your air compressor. Avoid problems in your compressor to escalate, causing more loss of energy and money; get an air energy audit done today. Please call us on 01926 864447, email us at, or contact us using the contact form on our Contact Us page, and see the measured results of your compressor’s performance yourself.