Air Compressor Repair & Service

A part of our customer service efforts is to repair and service your air compressor as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our engineers perform the most difficult of repairs quickly and to perfection, allowing you to receive quality compressed air continuously. Choosing Maxair for compressor repair and service gives you a quick, efficient and affordable service that will stand the test of time.

Our Air Compressor Repair and Servicing

With over 100 years of experience in the compressed air industry, we depend upon our performance to give you the best service any time you need it. Our highly experienced engineers who received training directly from the manufacturer do the repair or service to perfection. Their training and experience has made them knowledgeable of every detail and intricacy about a compressor, resulting in repair or service that resolves the issue quickly and flawlessly.
Our deep commitment to the aftercare services helps us to provide you with nothing less than the best. We understand how frustrating it is to have a compressor breakdown. Therefore, we offer you the appropriate preventive maintenance plan so that you can enjoy uninterrupted service for years. We specialise in the repair and service of compressors of all makes and types, including:

  • ABAC
  • ALUP
  • Almig
  • Atlas Copco
  • Gardner Denver
  • HPC
  • Hydrovane

Maxair has been providing quick expert service by friendly engineers for years and we will continue to serve you with the best for many more years, owing to our excellent team of professionals.

Our Engineers for Air Compressor Repair & Service

Our fully qualified  in house engineers actually repair, install, audit and service air compressors, air dryers, leaks, and so on. We are proud to have, in our team, highly qualified and skilled engineers. They have thorough knowledge of air systems and their parts, and can accurately diagnose problems before fixing them. Our compressor repair engineers have performed repair and servicing on innumerable compressors in the Midlands, and in the South West of the United Kingdom.

We perform repair and service on air compressors so that any irregularities are removed. The result is that the compressor runs smoothly without any problems, giving you optimum quality compressed air for the foreseeable future. The service we offer includes:

  • Manufacturer trained engineers
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Quick and accurate diagnosis of the problem
  • Efficient repair that stays true for years
  • Friendly trustworthy engineers

Quick Repair/Service – No Fuss

Maxair understands that repairing an air compressor needs to be done quickly and efficiently, with least disturbance to your routine. To achieve a quality repair/service fast, we rely upon our highly qualified engineers and management skills. Since we have extensive experience and expertise in our work, we can diagnose the problems in a compressor in no time, and, thus, are able to correct it almost immediately.

Whether you have a small compressor or a large complex unit, you can trust us to repair or service your compressor perfectly. Don’t let a breakdown cause disturbance to your business; just give us a call and you will have a perfectly running compressor as soon as possible.

Thorough Check

It is our target in every repair/service of air compressors to also help you avoid having any future problems with your compressor. Therefore, we thoroughly check each compressor for possible problems in the future. If you wish, you may consider choosing from our many aftercare service packages that are designed to keep your compressor running at its optimum efficiency at all times. These packages are customised to your needs, offering you a no-fuss aftercare service at affordable prices. For more information, please visit our air compressor maintenance page.

Maxair is a trusted name in compressor repair and service industry with decades of experience. Once you try our services, you will never dread another compressor breakdown or service. For quality repair and service of all types of air compressor, please call Maxair on 01926 864447, email us at, or contact us using the contact form on our Contact Us page.